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Some of our favorite road rides in Summit County, Colorado and the surrounding areas:

A map of the full Summit County Paved Recreation Path System, along with some descriptions and path elevation profiles.

Easy 20-mile ride on the Blue River Rec Path between Breck & Frisco.

The Tour de Tailing Ponds up to the Climax Moly mine or on to Leadville. 22 miles & 1,800' of climb from Copper Mountain.

This ride 15 mile round trip ride takes you down to the Silverthorne factory stores and on to Silverthorne's Town Hall.

A great ride and climb in Lake County way above the tree line to 12,095', but take a jacket. A big climbing day if you go all the way to Aspen and back!

This pure climb is 45 minutes east of Summit County, but at 28 miles and over 6,000' of climb to above 14,000' one way, it's big - really big!

This 32 mile ride and 5.3 mile climb rewards you with beautiful views of the Gore Range on the descent.

18 miles & 1,200' of climb around the lake. 31 miles & 1,600' of climb round trip from Breckenridge.

Over Swan Mountain Road, around Lake Dillon or both. Take your pick on routes between these two ski resorts.

The ultimate easy cruiser ride across Dillon Dam. 13-mile round trip ride with 550' of climb on short rolling bike path hills.

Moderately easy 22-mile round trip with 1,300' of rolling climb along the west and north sides of Green Mountain Reservoir.

11-mile round trip from Keystone up to the old mining town of Montezuma.

A tour of Summit County in 101 miles with 6,800' of climb....a BIG ride!

24 miles & 1,550' of climb from Frisco or 41 miles & 2,200' of climb from Breckenridge.

30-mile round trip down to Frisco and up Tenmile Canyon to Copper Mountain Resort.

Beautiful and challenging loop ride starting at Copper Mountain Resort - 79 miles & 6,500' of climbing through Eagle, Lake & Summit Counties.

Easy 27-mile ride around part of Lake Dillon and up to the Keystone Ski Resort.

Georgetown to Idaho Springs covers 26 miles and 1,200' of relatively gentle climb from 7,500' up to 8,500'. Continuing through Silver Plume to Bakerville adds 14 miles and 1,420' of steeper climb up to an elevation of 9,800'.

17.5-mile round trip from Keystone up Route 6 to the top of Loveland Pass and back.

15-23 miles around Turquoise Lake just west of Leadville. Ride from Leadville out to the lake or all the way from Breckenridge and back for a challenging Century ride.

The whole enchilada - but don't have one for lunch in Vail and expect to survive the climb back! 73 miles and almost 5,000' of climb if starting in Breckenridge.

Note also that Google Maps has a cycling option that shows many of the nation's bike paths on its maps and in its directions, including the Summit County paths. Go to Google Maps, click on the Directions icon, input a starting point and a destination, then click on the bicycle icon. The map will then show one or more bicycle routes and provide detailed, turn by turn directions.  Note that Google Maps may not recognize all available bike paths and may route you onto an auto road in some cases.

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