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Blog & Notices


This blog is the official Summit Biking Group notice board. Posts include additonal details & updates on group rides and other Summit Biking Group communications of general interest to members and visitors.

Receiving Emails & Blog Posts

Once a Summit Biking member, you will be added to the Summit Biking Google Group & Email List. The Google Group is maintained as a service to current members and is intended to be a cycling oriented member-to-member forum to which any Summit Biking member may post a message.

Summit Biking does not moderate or approve individual posts so please refrain from posting political and other non-cycling related items out of courtesy to the group. Note that if you wish to access the Google Group directly from the web, you must sign in using a Google or Gmail ID. A Google account is not needed to simply receive emails from the list.

If you prefer to not receive messages from the Google Group, you can unsubscribe from the group by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any message received..

Panoramic image of a group of road bikes
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