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Classic Summit County Area Road Rides

Click HERE for a list of some of our favorite road rides in Summit County, Colorado and the surrounding areas. The maps & elevation profiles generally start from Breckenridge, Frisco, Keystone or Dillon as noted, although we've also included a few nearby favorites starting outside Summit County. Most of these can be ridden either direction or from anywhere in Summit County. Many of the segments, such as Breckenridge to Keystone and then Loveland Pass or Keystone to Montezuma, can be combined for longer distances & more challenging climbs.

We are in the mountains, so depending upon your preferences, there are some great climbs but not much in the way of flat riding just because there isn't much of anything flat in Summit County. If you are looking for a relatively flat ride, try the Frisco/Dillon or perhaps the Breckenridge/Frisco or Frisco/Keystone routes below.

The routes, distances, elevation profiles, etc., are for round trips on the out & back routes starting and finishing at the same point. In many cases you can ride one way and take the free Summit Stage bus service back to the start if so desired.

Of course many of these routes can be linked together for different starting points or other combinations.

Click on the route or elevation profile images in the route descriptions for larger views. Click the route map to see an interactive version of the route that can be zoomed, panned, etc., for detailed views, and GPX, etc files can be downloaded for use in Garmin bike computers and other GPS devices.

Note also that Google Maps has a cycling option that shows many of the nation's bike paths on its maps and in its directions, including the Summit County paths. Go to Google Maps, click on the Directions icon, input a starting point and a destination, then click on the bicycle icon. The map will then show one or more bicycle routes and provide detailed, turn by turn directions.  Note that Google Maps may not recognize all available bike paths and may route you onto an auto road in some cases.

A Word About the Swan Mtn Climbing Lane

The west side of Swan Mountain Road from Summit High School on Hwy 9 to Sapphire Point now has a dedicated bike climbing lane beside the uphill lane.

This dedicated lane is not wide enough for 2 way traffic and thus is for CLIMBING ONLY up to Sapphire Point from the high school. Use the normal car lane to descend down from Sapphire Point to Hwy 9.

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