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Summit County's Paved Rec Path System

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The Dillon Reservoir Recreation Path

The most popular 6.5 mile section between the Frisco and Dillon marinas passes through small rolling hills then continues another 3.5 miles along the reservoir, providing breathtaking views of the reservoir and surrounding mountain ranges. Near Swan Mountain Road, the path begins a gradual climb before entering a strenuous 3 mile climb, including numerous switchbacks, up to Sapphire Point. From Sapphire Point to Summit High School, descending bike riders share the vehicle lane. A pedestrian/bike lane is located on the eastern shoulder of Swan Mountain Road for 2 miles for uphill riders. The Recpath has several moderate hills between the high school and Summit Medical Center, crossing Highway 9 into the Frisco Adventure Park and to the Frisco Marina. The full 18.5 mile loop is strenuous and is not recommended for young children or bike trailers due to shared use of the vehicle lane on Swan Mountain Road.

Dillon Reservoir Rec Path Elevation Profile

Total Miles: 18.7 mi Min. Elevation: 9,018 ft Max Elevation: 9,517 ft

The Snake River Recreation Path

This easy section contains a gradual ascent east of Swan Mountain Road towards Keystone Resort. Enjoy the scenery along the Snake River, and be sure to remain on the path through the golf course. For information on pathways within Keystone, pick up a copy of Keystone’s trail map.

Snake River Rec Path Elevation Profile

Total Miles: 4.8 mi Min. Elevation: 9,049 ft Max Elevation: 9,417 ft

Tenmile/Vail Pass Recreation Path

This moderate climb ascends Tenmile Canyon from Frisco to Copper Mountain, becoming more strenuous as it continues to Vail Pass. Be aware of other users, and keep speeds under control, especially in areas with limited site distances.

Tenmile/Vail Pass Rec Path Elevation Profile

Tenmile-Vail Elevation Profile.jpg

Total Miles: 13.7 mi Min. Elevation: 9,086 ft Max Elevation: 10,563 ft

Lower Blue Recreation Path

This moderate section descends from the intersection with the Dillon Reservoir Recpath down a series of switchbacks into Silverthorne. Users meander on the path through Silverthorne and along the Blue River. Be prepared for a strenuous set of switchbacks when heading uphill from Silverthorne to Dillon Reservoir.

Lower Blue Rec Path Elevation

Total Miles: 4 mi Min. Elevation: 8,777 ft Max Elevation: 9,033 ft

Upper Blue Recreation Path

This section climbs gradually from Frisco to Breckenridge, following sections of the Blue River and Highway 9, providing outstanding views of the Tenmile Range.

Upper Blue Rec Path Elevation Profile

Total Miles: 6.5 mi Min. Elevation: 9,041 ft Max Elevation: 9,560 ft

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