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This is a beautiful 11-mile out & back round trip with about 900' of climb on Montezuma Road starting from the River Run base area in Keystone.

The town was settled in 1860 and named after the famous Aztec conqueror for his golden treasure - and what the miners hoped to find here. Just upon reaching the town, you will see a wooden sign that reads Montezuma, shown in the photo on the left. This town is over 10,000 feet tucked nicely away in the forests secluded from the hustle and bustle of Summit County.

The road has very little traffic and parallels the Snake River with cascades, beaver ponds and other sights along the way. Most of the climb is in the last mile up to the old mining town. You'll know you are there when you see the sign and the pavement ends! Turn around and enjoy the descent back to River Run.

Arriving in Montezuma

This route is generally ridden as an extension of the Frisco or Breckenridge -to-Keystone routes to add some additional mileage and climbing on those rides.

Keystone (River Run) to Montezuma

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downloadable GPS files.

Elevation Profile
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